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HART & CRU is a concierge style consulting service focused on bringing artisanal wines to avid drinkers through special events, cellar offerings, tastings and education.






WINE CLASS: Wine should not be intimidating. We focus on making wine approachable and fun. Our classes provide a better understanding of wine for anyone from the novice to the oenophile.

EVENTS: "Popping Bottles" Pulling off a memorable event for your friends or clients can be a harrowing task. HART & CRU is here to help you crush it. Our wines, sourced from around the world, will blow up any bash or heighten the experience of your company retreat. A party without good juice is no party indeed.

BETTER TO GIVE: Gift anxiety is the number one reason couples break up. Well… not really, but we know how difficult it is to shop for that guy or gal with everything. That’s why HART & CRU offers assistance with wine purchasing to meet your need and budget. With us, you are sure to win Christmas. 

WHEELS UP: HART & CRU has traveled the world building strong relationships with the most convivial growers and producers. We can help you plan the perfect wine adventure or bring you along on one of ours. Sun drenched hillsides and eccentric farmers await.

YOUR PERSONAL CELLAR MASTER: Maintaining a stellar cellar to fit your tastes and experiences is one of our specialties. HART & CRU has been creating custom, efficient wine cellar management solutions for years. Let us help you create and manage the ideal cellar.

THE COLLECTOR'S SECRET WEAPON: HART & CRU. We have serious buying power. Through our producer/retailer/auction-house networks and vast relationships we can help you take your collection to the next level with ease and efficiency.

CELLAR SELLERS: Liquidating a cellar is no small task. With our expertise and extensive local and global wine community network, we can provide an exhaustive solution to your wine-liquidation needs.


STAFF EDUCATION: Restaurants, bars, hotels and baseball stadiums -- if you want your brand to stand out in the market, a knowledgeable staff is essential. With years of industry experience and a dedication to continuous improvement, HART & CRU is well positioned to train your staff to be comfortable and knowledgeable when guiding your guests and clients through the world of wine.

BRAINSTORM LEVEL UP: Wine has a vast history of sparking creativity and discussion. Whether you and your team are trying to reinvent the wheel or you’re just looking for an infusion of new ideas, our wine tastings are the perfect pairing with a brainstorm or corporate retreat.

WINE-LIST DEVELOPMENT: Killer food deserves a killer wine program. We work with you to create a wine list that perfectly complements your concept and your guests.

MENU PAIRING: The art of flavor-elevation through exquisite beverage pairings is tricky and requires dedication. With years of experience, we are prepared to help you develop the perfect pairings for any menu.

SPECIAL OPPS: HART & CRU believes building a successful business begins with developing efficient systems for managing growth. We can help you bring your management and operations to the next level through our bespoke consulting service.