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Sunday wine reads are Hart & Crus way of telling our story, the Cru of H&C, our wine loving people around the country, all chime in about a theme each week. The purpose is to make wine more approachable and educate a bit along the way. Hopefully keeping this lite hearted and fun with a bit none pretentious bs to tell the story. We hope you take the time to read what we are thinking about wine today. Cheers

the CRU

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Kevin Hart

It is long ago. I am 17 years old, in Paris for the first time, a guest at an international meeting. Standing in the middle of a reception, a very serious waiter hands me a glass of champagne. This is cause for immediate concern. I’ve tasted this stuff before-- at my cousin’s wedding: It’s a foamy, sour concoction, with an aroma reminiscent of a nearly empty can of Sprite.

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Crowd-Pleasing Wines for Your Holiday Soirée

Kevin Hart

Planning a holiday party can be stressful, but your wine selections don’t have to be.

Take our advice and everyone will be talking about your party all of 2019. Don’t worry about having a fully stocked bar. You aren’t a restaurant. Pick two beers of differing styles (maybe a Wheat Beer and an IPA—local is best), and the basics behind the bar. Vodka, Gin and Whiskey with the standard mixers (soda, tonic, ginger ale and some citrus) and you’re set.

As for the wine...

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